Wheel cleaner WheelClean with water jets

DK WASH Grating 220

This is the best-selling model which proved its reliability by its export to 12 countries of the world. Its various options and extensibility allows the customizing of the model for a unique site as well as general sites.
-Automatic sludge discharge by conveyor system
-Automatic pump screen self-cleaning system
-Emergency stop button
-Automatic operation using a dual photo sensor
-Checks washing times with a counter
-Easy to move with its 4 lifting lugs
-Easy installation and withdrawal
-Scalability that makes serial installation possible

Caractéristiques techniques

Dimension (mm) : W2,200 × L5,748 × H2,076

Applicable vehicle (mm) : W2,200 × L5,748 × H2,076

Gross weight (Kg) : Width of truck Max. 2,800

Pump : Submersible pump 15kW

Scraper drive motor : 0.75 Kw × 1pc

Air-compressor : 1.5 Kw × 1pc

Nozzles : Side 18 pcs / Bottom 70 pcs

Sensor type : Photo sensor

Nozzle pressure : 2.5 ~ 3 Kg/


-2 layer side screen
-Extra wide
-Flocculant injector
-Extended side pipe
-Traffic light